Supply Chain Stewardship across all Tiers

While PLM systems can grade BOMs for compliance with a few common regulations, supplier data remains the biggest challenge to mitigate risk.

You connect your product definition – whether an initial design or a final BOM – through a spreadsheet or API. Unlike any other system, we will automatically connect available product information along your production routes.

We provide data-driven risk discovery that requires zero supplier input and covers multiple regulations, globally

Environmental and Health Impacts

If you provide supplier information, such as name and locations, we anticipate impacts, costs or compliance with high accuracy. Supplier data can then be collected to further resolve hotspots and increase accuracy.

Use geo-visualization to turn your data into intelligence. Makersite’s native mapping tools allow you to easily and quickly identify dependencies between suppliers, sites, products and impacts.


Compliance is not just reported as pass or fail, but exposes metadata like “do not exceed values”, reasons for the rating, geographies etc. in a scalable, scenario-based way, even as your product definition changes.


Scale chemical hazard and substance risk assessments across all tiers in your Supply Chain.

Effectively characterizing chemical risk is a difficult, but important task to ensure consumer safety. Hazard, a function of a chemical’s inherent properties, and exposure, the quantity a person contacts, combine to give an accurate representation of risk.